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Scan&Solve™ Pro Academic UPGRADE (Perpetual) (Requires proof of status)

Scan&Solve™ Pro Academic UPGRADE (Perpetual) (Requires proof of status)

$ 375

This UPGRADE is available to existing customers with a valid Academic Scan&Solve 2014 or Academic Scan&Solve v1.x license.  Please include your current Scan&Solve activation key with your proof of status.

To order the academic upgrade, a proof of status is required.

After purchasing a copy of Scan&Solve™ Pro at the academic price, please email the requested proof of status to You will receive your activation key and installation instructions by email upon receipt of complete proof of status.

The academic version of Scan&Solve™ Pro for Rhino provides all the functionality of the commercial version at an affordable price for students and educators. However screen images and reports will clearly indicate that the academic version is not suitable for commercial use. The usage terms are similar, but not identical, to the academic license usage for Rhino.

Scan&Solve™ Pro extends the power and simplicity of Scan&Solve for Rhino to bonded heterogeneous multi-material structures made of complex anisotropic materials such as wood, bent laminates, and composite structures. Scan&Solve Pro incorporates many other advanced features, including multiple simulation scenarios and improved layout.

A single license allows Scan&Solve™ Pro to be used on one computer. If the plugin will be used on more than one computer by multiple users, additional licenses or floating licenses are available for purchase.

To get the latest version of Scan&Solve™ Pro, head over to the download page.

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