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Scan&Solve™ Pro  Floating License (Perpetual)

Scan&Solve™ Pro Floating License (Perpetual)

$ 3,995

Scan&Solve™ Pro extends the power and simplicity of Scan&Solve for Rhino to bonded heterogeneous multi-material structures made of complex anisotropic materials such as wood, bent laminates, and composite structures. Scan&Solve Pro incorporates many other advanced features, including multiple simulation scenarios and improved layout.

Scan&Solve™ Pro for Rhino floating licenses are ideal for companies who have many users, but who may not all need to use the software at the same time. A floating license can be accessed from any number of machines; the restriction is that only one computer per license can be using the software simultaneously. Floating licenses require that you be running a license server somewhere, and that the machines using the floating license be able to see that server. The license server must be on your local network and it must be running Windows. We do not support virtual machines as license servers.

When you purchase a floating license, a representative from Intact Solutions will contact you within one business day to supply you with your floating license and help you set up your server.

Technical details: Scan&Solve™ floating licenses use the Reprise license manager (RLM) for floating licenses, while Rhino uses its internal software, called the Zoo, for floating licenses. Running a Scan&Solve™ floating license with RLM together with Rhino on the Zoo works just fine.

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